Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Isn't it Purdy?!!

Awww...lookit what my sweet friend Bev (aka Beestamper) bestowed upon my self. What a kind gesture and an honor just to be nominated. I have so many people to thank and the director is telling me to get off the stage so let me just say Thank You. Thank you for the virtual hug Bev, your encouragement does wonders for this tiny stamping mealy bug in the giant stamping universe!! You are a sweety! So the drill is that when you get one of these gold stars, you need to pay it forward. And so, I present to you, my forward-ees -- in no particular order. (And by the way, I know most of these gals already have this award or they have so many they've probably lost track. But to you, I say, may your blog never be big enough to hold all your awards!!!!) So grab the badge girls, and pass it on (if you haven't already)!! 1. Julia (aka Artystamper/Create with me) Julie-oolie-oolia is one of my Doubledog Dare pals and has become quite the mentor and muse to me. I adore her. 2. Beverly (aka Beestamper) Backatcha GF!! My original Doubledog Dare pal -- this is all because of you my friend! I bet it's against the rooles to give the award backwards. Can't be helped. 3. Joan Ervin (aka Joan Ervin/Stamping with a Passion) My first encounter with a Dirty girl. And I must say, everyone needs to meet one of these girls at some point in their life. Her talent is as big as her heart. 4. Michelle (aka SF9erFan/Stop and Stamp the Roses) This girl oozes talent, talent that is being published as we speak (there -- your secret is out!!), and she is so willing to share all that she knows and loves. A true gem. 5. Joanne (aka SleepyinSeattle/Sleepy In Seattle) -- Another Doubledog Dare pal who's art caught my attention in the gallery long before she became a Doubledog Dare pal. She is crazy talented and generous with her comments and support, a friend indeed. 6. Stephane (aka SmilynSteph/Ingenious Inkling) -- SCS Inspiration Queen! How did I get so lucky! I love getting PMs from her when she has to be away for the weekend. Odd that I adore her most when she's gone! I am thrilled to be in your pool of back-ups for the Saturday ICs Steph! Check out what this woman does on her blog!! 7. DawnL (aka Dawn A New Day) Did you know that not only does this girl stamp up a storm (RE: Dawn's clouds), she raises llamas? I'm telling you, there is a stamper out there that owns freakin' llamas!! Is this a great world or what??!! 8. Susan (aka http://wwwone4joydaily.blogspot.com/) -- This woman's blog brings serenity to my frantic world. I love her insightful posts and lovely art. 9. Anne Harman (aka JDMommy/Inking in RED) -- The other Anne. Gotta love those Annes. And I have to say, Anne's work gets better and better with every post -- I'm almost scared to see what she does next!! 10. TBD...thinking...thinking... Sweet Dreams Everyone!


Michelle (sf9erfan) said...

Ahhh, thanks for the award and nice words! The cat's out of the bag now, eh? -heehee! I plan on doing a blog post about Paper Crafts tomorrow or Thursday. Hugs to you my friend!!

Julia Aston said...

Thank you dear Annie Bananie!! You - my girl - are becoming such a wonderful stamper and blogger!! Your cards are so lovely and creative and you are just SO supportive of your blogging and SCS friends! I am so happy that I am one of them! Thanks for this lovely award!

Joanne Travis said...

Ditto what Julia said!! I am so happy to have gotten (is that a word?) to know you better through our DDC's this past year. You are so sweet, funny and extremely talented.
Love ya!!
Thanks, Anne!!

One4Joy said...

Thanks, Anne for the wonderful mention here with this award! I am honored, but I haven't a clue how to take it to my home on the web! That's me, I know just enough to get myself in trouble!!!

I say ditto to all those above me! I love your style and your sense of humor. Thanks for being my bloggy girlz!

Joan Ervin said...

Whoohoo!!! Thanks you sweet thang!!! I agree with all the above...you are such a joy to have as a friend!!! I can't believe we only love 2+ hours apart and we never get together....got to fix that problem!!! Yikes, it's almost 2AM and I'm still up...better get this old body to bed!! Have an great weekend Annie Bananie...heeheehee!!!

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