Friday, December 28, 2012

What Is It???

So I'm hosting the IC again this weekend, and I had a website all picked out... card made and everything.  Turns out the website I picked out was already used for the Challenge awhile back!!  ACK!!  Panic!  So I quickly went on a search for another.

My 24th wedding anniversary [to the most awesome amazing wonderful husband on the planet ever] is coming up on Dec. 31, so I wanted something kind of romantically inspiring so I could make him a card.  That's how I found "Wedding Bells" dot com.  A very cool website with everything wedding and romantic.

As I browsed the very cool romantic website, I came across some hand fans.  GASP!!  Do you know I'm obsessed with Fan Fold everything??  (Probably not -- because I haven't yet posted all my Christmas stuff.)  But take my word for it, I AM.  Obsessed.  Period.  The end, no further explanation can make it clearer.

So my inspiration is this "D.I.Y. Accordian Paper Hand Fan".  I love this.  I love the blue and white.  I had to embellish and punch my final product, but it was this item that inspired my creation.  My creation that I don't know what it is -- but it's blue and it's white and it's a fan.  There.  I said it.  I have no idea what this thing is that I made.  It's not a card.  It's not a fan.  It's not an ornament.  It is just inspired.  Don't judge.  :)   I love making these fan things.  What can I say.

And here is how I made what ever it is I made ....

I cut a 3-1/2"x12" strip of DP.  Added some ink shading to the paper strip using Tim Holts' Tumbled Glass Distress Ink.

Then I scored it every half inch, and punched it with my newest and most fabulous MS border punch.   I folded up my paper strip so it was flat and ready to use. 

Next, I marked a tongue depressor stick at the half-way point (3"), glued up part of the stick, and laid my folded paper strip onto the stick at the half-way point.  I let it set for about 30 seconds before continuing. 

I then unfolded my paper strip and "opened" all the way until the other end was setting on the other half of the wooden stick.  

This is how it looked open, after the glue set (about 30-40 seconds).

Next I die cut two different sizes of round Dollie-style circles from Spellbinders "Blossom Tags and Accents" set.  I stamped the smallest one using SU "Think Happy Thoughts" stamp. 

I attached the two Spellbinder "doilies" circles to the wooden stick, and folded them under the stick. 

Adhered a white Recollections "Floral Embellishment" flower to the center to finish it off.

Whatever "it" is...

So there you have it.  But I have no anniversary card.  Rats.  Off to do more creating... :)

Many thanks for stopping by!!  Have a wonderful New Year!!  Please be SAFE everyone!!


Shea said...

Hi Anne! Left you some love over on SCS, but had to come over and get the lowdown on the how-to. LOVE the use of the tongue depressor. I tried to make a fan for Christmas and couldn't make it lie completely straight. Never thought of the td's, and I have a whole pack of them in my craft room! Anyhoo, I'd still turn this into an ornament as per my other comment. It's too pretty NOT to enjoy all the time. So soft, romantic, dainty... TFS!! OR...since it can sit on a flat surface, I'd add it to a tabletop vignette and just let it sit there and be pretty. :)

Julia Aston said...

So cute AND so easy Anne (well, now that you showed us how!) This is just so pretty and fun! I think you should adhere this to DH's dashboard but change the sentiment to "I love you honey!!!"