Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fan Fold Flowers Gone Wild!

So maybe I've gone a little overboard with my favorite fan-fold flowers . . . I asked some Facebook friends for ideas for these flowers and got some great suggestions!  So I just started crafting to see how many I could make.  There's still a few more I want to try and make before I get over my obsession (like the blinged out frame, the hanging banners idea, for example) but, I thought I'd stop and share what I got done this past weekend.
First up, this little party bird.  Chick.  Whatever he/she is!  This was too fun.

The chick eggs were a dollar-store-find around Easter time.  I have a few extras... so I can dress them up for any occasion!  Wish I had done something in time for Graduation...can't you just see him with his grad cap and scroll?  LOL!  This was totally fun and as easy as it looks!

Just made a little cone hat for him, glued it on with E-6000 glue and added a flower topper.  Next I straightened out a paper clip, glued the flowers on it, then glued the stick to the back of his hand or wing or whatever that is that has 2 fingers! 

Here's the back, cute, eh? He made me smile.  He still  needs to be filled with something fun... more flowers (LOL!!)  Anyhow, gotta make more of them!  :) 

Next I made some bookpage markers and a container for therm.

These were fun to build and decorate.  Endless possibilities here -- almost any kind of embellishment can go in the center of them. You could add a magnet to the back of them and they are suddenly paper holders for the fridge! 

To make the container for them, I used a 2x2" box from this $1.00 pack of 3 little boxes I found at the dollar store awhile back.  (I must go get more!)  They made this such a fast and easy project to get done.  I could make tons of these sets all day, just please let me quit that day job!! 

Next this little altered can -- it's a shower gift for a shower that I am late to!

Actually, I knew I wasn't going to be able to attend (it was out of town) but I did want to send a gift, so I made this and I am going to fill it with small baby things, like a rattle and a rolled-up baby cloth or T's??  Not sure yet.  Plus a gift card - yeah, I still need to finish this idea with a gift card holder. I will take the photo and share again when I do get it completed.

And lastly -- for today...

I had the top of the box left over from the bookmark container  so I tried to make it into a little basket, but it didn't quite work out, but I thought I'd show it to you anyways.

Hee hee, not sure what I'll end up doing with this.  Probably be condemned to my "unfinished" drawer for life! 

I have a couple of more projects that I'll be blogging for you tomorrow.  My personal favorite is still to come!  Here's a sneak peak -- I hope you'll come back to see the rest of what I've been up to!!

TFL, I'm so glad you stopped by!


SusieScrapper said...

Just beautiful, all your projects!! I love fan flowers too and hoping to make mine come out like yours!! lol

Joanne Travis said...

Anne, you took my breath away with these beautiful projects. Such fun, fabulous fan folds, my friend! (Say that fast three times!)

Michelle (sf9erfan) said...

WOW! Awesome stuff girl!! I have never tried these fan fold flowers, but they sure are all the rage right now!! Hugs!

Wendy Harada said...

You are just too cute! So glad I get to call you FAMILY!! Who knew way back then how famous and crafty you'd be??? Well, I called the "crafty" part, just maybe not what version of the word it turned out as! :o) Love you!

Julie said...

You are just simply amazing!!!!!

Julia Aston said...

Love your projects Anne! those ducks/chicks??? CRACK me up!! love the party hat and the fan fold sign he's holding - the watering can is adorable.... you've been one creative lady here!!