Saturday, March 7, 2009

Doubledog DARE!! Anyone Want to Trade??!!

Supplies - Ink: Versafine Black Onyx, Copics. Paper: Daisy D's , Black Bazzil.
Joanne, honey...just so you know, this one totally threw me!! LOL! Joanne was our hostess with the most-ess for the DDC challenge for this week. She challenged the girls to make a card that says "Spring" and also includes SEEDS!! Seeds. OMG, who has stamps about seeds? Never the less, the amazing and talented DDC girls have all come through with amazing cards!! You need to check them out!! ... I am SO IMPRESSED!! I, on the other hand, was stumped!! Finally, out of no where, I remembered a wheel I had never used from Stamp A Mania called Garden Time. It is seed packets. WHEW!! I have seeds!! Yippeeh!! So I embarked on the Springy seed card. WHAT??? I know, I just went for it. Ran my Garden Time wheel multiple times over white CS (in case I needed to do-overs with my coloring!!), and just started coloring with my Copics. I finally finished but still had no idea what to do with the colored images. So I I cut them out and layered. And layered. And Layered. Lord...this thing became HUMOUNGUS!! It's is one mamma card!! So, I have an idea. I know. Scary . . . I made this card. It's the biggest freakin' card I've ever made and I have no idea what to do with it!! It's 4-3/4" x 8-1/2". So, while I was layering and layering and layering and know, making it bigger and bigger, I thought who the heck am I gonna give this too? What should it say, what else do I add to it?? (you know?!). Then, I started t.h.i.n.k.i.n.g (I know, that's the scary part!!), do YOU want it?? If so, how about a TRADE???!! Do you have something I want?? (Are you following me here on this idea??) I know this is weird. I don't think I've seen the offer on another blog...but... But -- if you DO wanna play along . . . I have this card that I just made, colored with Copics, layered and layered upon Daisy D's DP layers and black Bazzil for TRADE!! What can you trade me??? I would LOVE stamped images that I don't already have, like all those cute Anyas, Tilda Magnolias, the SU latest releases, Artful Inkables, Rubberneckers, etc. etc. , you know girls??!! Right?? Just the stamped images, not the rubbah itself. So, here's my thought.... I'll trade you the card above that I just posted AND the other images I stamped (uncolored) while creating it (which is almost a full page), for some of YOUR uncolored, stamped images that YOU have to offer!! This a trial run... If you want to trade me for this card I just posted and the extra images I stamped while making it, then here's the requirements: 1. Add yourself to my Followers (I know, shameless!!! ) if you're not already. 2. Post a comment with what you have to offer for trade. That's it! I'll pick one and send you my card and the extra uncolored images in exchange for what you offered!! Sorry, it won't be a random pick! I'll just choose the offer that has images that I want for my collection! Any takers????? Thanks for checking in!!


Joan Ervin said... crack me up!! I love your card and want it really bad so this is my deal:

I will trade you 5 Rubbernecker images, some Inkadinkado Patterened birds and bugs images, and SU Central Park and A Kind Word images.

I have got to work on y seed card tomorrow...I am such a slacker!!!

LC said...

Omg! Seeeeds!! I want it! I'll trade you a photo of Rex and a packet of Theraflu? Just kidding Momsy. I love that seeds are involved though! I don't know why but this totally made me laugh ... In a good way! :) it looks really good. I can't believe you found such a cool way to use that stamp. Nifty! Hope you get something fun!

Anita Hovey said...

I can't believe you would just give up that beautiful card! I have several Anyas I could send images of: Princess, Rockstar, Angel, MIss Anya, Teacher and a TAC set called Hats Off that is just as sweet :)

Christi said...

This card is gorgeous!! If I had more time I would totally take you up on your offer! :)

herukrn said...

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Julia Aston said...

You are too funny ! look what happens when you start thinking!?!?!?! LOL!!! you colored these fun seed packets terrifically!! I really need to learn how to do the shading like that with the different colors - I know - I'll come to TX and pick up the card and you can give me coloring lessons!?!?!?!

I have some super Tilda Magnolias to trade you kiddo!!! and, of course, I'm already a follower (lead me anywhere!!!)

Joanne Travis said...

Anne, I love you, you so crack me up!! You are just as cute as a button. I didn't mean to make everyone rack their brains so much on this one with my challenging challenge but I am totally loving the fabulous creativity I have seen!! Your seed card is amazing and I knew you would find something perfectly perfect :) See, we have more stuff than we even remember buying hehehe. Love your trade off idea, it's like a fun auction. Way cool!!
Thanks so much for making my day with your spring seed creation, it is so awesome and so are you!!

Chrissy D said...

Gorgeous, Anne. Your work is IMPECCABLE! TFS!!!

Kelly said...

Anne, I just saw your Twilight-inspired card--It is beautiful! I never thought about using black tulle on a card!

After seeing that card, I had to look up your blog--you have some fantastic creations! Seeds, party dress!

My creativity is surging! Thanks so much for sharing!