Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weeky Featured Stamper: Anne Ryan

Supplies: Paper - SU white, vanilla. Embellishments - pearl brads and ribbon from HL.
SCS hosts a "Featured Stamper" challenge on Sundays. The best thing about this challenge is it gives you a chance to focus on someone's gallery and hopefully "honor" them with a case of a card from their gallery of your choosing. In order to not copy it out and out, the rules suggest that you change at least two things to make the card your own.
This week's Featured Stamper is Anne Ryan. I don't recall my first incounter with Anne, but at one point, she commented on the challenges that were going back and forth between Bev (Beestamper) and me (the birth of the Doubledog Dare Girls). I asked her to join in, begged, pleaded and mentioned to her that we "Annes" had to stick together. That's when she decided her name was not Anne, but Lauren. ??? From that point forward, if I ever addressed her as Anne, she corrected me. So to me, she's Lauren. And I've been enjoying the pleasure of her comments and PMs ever since. Any how, eventually she gave in to doing one card -- an all white card. That was the Dare and she tried it out (to rave reviews I might add!!), yet she declared herself officially out of any further Dares!! LOL!
Now on to business... This is for the phenomenon that is Anne Ryan (aka Lauren). She is totally deserving of adoration and praise. Her original style and fabulous embellishments have me gasping with every post. From the vast array of art in her gallery, I chose her submission for the All White Card Dare. How could I not choose a card with my namesake??!! ;) I of course did not have the fabulous flower or beads that she used, so I substituted the best I could. Otherwise, the sketch and color scheme are the same...sort of. Afterall, one cannot expect to ever reach the artistic heights of the Honorary Princess of the High Maintenance rganization.


Julie- justwritedesigns. said...

This is a fabulous card, Anne! I love the simple elegance of white on white and all this embossing reminds me of a wedding cake. Really wonderful. Besides, anyone who lives in TX and is named Anne, is super w/ me, lol. (My middle name is Anne and I'm from TX. I visit family in Dallas at least a couple of times a year.)

melindawharton said...

I don't usually leave comments, but I just have to tell you how much I love, love, LOVE your card!! It's absoutely BEAUTIFUL - and even better than your friend's original(yes, I just said that!!) Although I just moved to GA, I lived in TX (Houston) for many years. Welcome to the world of blogging! I hope to have a CASE of your beautiful card on my blog one day! melinda wharton

Jules said...

So pretty. I love the LOVE part especially.

Joan Ervin said...

this is one fabulous case, Miss the simple elegance and all the white!!!

Julia Aston said...

Super card Anne! I didn't know that story about 'Lauren'! how fun - what a character she is - and her cards are always so eclectic!

Love this tribute to her - wonderful layers and gold accents!