Monday, August 15, 2011

In a World Where Butterflies are Bigger Than Birds!

Hi All,

This is a birthday gift for my sister Judy!  I enjoyed embellishing this thing so much!!  And I also liked that it allowed me to use up some of my stash that is overflowing in my craft room!

I found these fun metal birdcages awhile back at Michael's for $1.00!  (Kicking myself for not getting all of the ones they had!!)  The little doors open, and they are all different.

To start, I went out back and grabbed a branch that had been trimmed away from our tree last Fall, to use inside the cage.

I gathered up my faux flowers that I hoard store when I find them on sale because "I might need them some day".  {Oy!!}  Also had some charms, little birds and butterflies that were perfect for this project too.

Then, with my trusty, amazing E600 (awesome) glue, I proceeded to transform the little red cage into a gift that is suitable for my sister's birthday gift!!

The following are pics of the progress as the embellishing ensued!
Here I trimmed down my twig for the cage and then glued the bird on to it with E600 (awesome) glue.
I strung a couple of charms onto piece of craft wire and twist-tied it to the inside of the top of the cage.

Some of the flowers I strung through the bars of the cage and some of them I glued on with E600 (awesome) glue.
I also twist-tied these glass flowers that come on wires (that I've had since time began) around the bottom of the cage.  Used one of them to help secure the twig to the inside of the cage too.
A look inside the cage after gluing some flowers to the twig, then inserting it inside. I used E600 (awesome) glue around the contact points (where the twig came in contact with the cage) to stabilize the twig.
I left part of my twig sticking outside the cage so I was able to add another bird and more flowers!

These are the butterflies I added to the top.  (Pretend you don't notice that they're bigger than the birds!! LOL!)
A look from the top with the doors and top open.
Back side.

Random photo (because it's "my" blog hee hee ) of my little guy, Charlie!
And there you have it!  Fun, girly and ready for gift-giving!!

TFL, I'm so glad you stopped by!


Serena said...

What a beautiful way to have a bright bit of summer inside! If she doesn't love it you can send it to me! Charlie has such a sweet little face! I bet he's got you well trained. Mine have "the look" perfected to get what they want out of me.

JulieA said...

Wow Girl, that's gorgeous! Your sister is sure to love it. If she doesn't, take it away and send it to me. ;-) What a work of art!